About Us


Jennifer Bain, MD, PhD

Dr. Jennifer Bain is a child neurologist at Columbia University.  She is an assistant professor of neurology in the Division of Child Neurology. Dr. Bain sees patients in her practice with neurodevelopment disabilities, including developmental delays, intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorders.  She enjoys integrating current research in her clinical practice and studying the genetic findings associated with children’s diseases.


Wendy Chung, MD, PhD

Dr. Wendy Chung is a clinical and molecular geneticist who directs the Clinical Genetics program at Columbia University and performs human genetic research. She is an associate professor of pediatrics and medicine. Dr. Chung directs NIH funded research programs in many human genetic conditions including autism, pulmonary hypertension, and birth defects. She leads the Simons VIP study characterizing genetic forms of autism and works on novel treatments for autism. She is a member of the National Advisory Council for Human Genome Research and the Genomics & Society Working Group. Dr. Chung enjoys the challenges of genetics as a rapidly changing field of medicine and strives to facilitate the integration of genetic medicine into all areas of health care in a medically, scientifically, and ethically sound, accessible, and cost effective manner.